Culture Restaurant - Falmouth

Nature inspired cuisine with a focus on the landscapes, flora and fauna

with Hylton Espey




noun: culture; plural noun: cultures 

Culture is a ‘way of life’, seen in people’s writing, religion, music, wine, cooking and what they do.

We want to welcome you to our culture; inspired by our food, wine, background, travel and experiences. It is through our menu that we tell our story of where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

We want to share these experiences as we take you with us on this journey through flavours curated by our farmers, fisherman and gatherers. They are the true heroes of what we do and we want to champion their hard work as best we can.

We are extremely proud for being recognised for our efforts and awarded Falmouth’s first MICHELIN Green Star in 2023.


a story told over multiple courses


Food Philosopy

I allow nature and the seasons to dictate the menu and not the other way around. The menu must take you on a journey, whether that may be nostalgic, geographic or somewhere new and exciting.

The names are whimsical and follow the trend of being named after what inspired the dish. We are not foraging to follow a trend, we are doing it for flavour and sustainability. Nothing goes on the plate unless it needs to be there and is delicious; otherwise what is the point?

We forage daily which allows the chef’s to step outside and see what is happening on our doorstep.If we use a technique it is because that is the best technique for the ingredient. Guests must be wowed by flavour, texture and quality of the ingredients; not a bunch of techniques on a menu and unnecessary components on the plate.


Our menu is a story told over multiple courses.  It is a story of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. We make food inspired by our experiences: this could be a trip to a farm, a sail in the bay or a surf on the Lizard.

All dishes are flavour driven with attention to detail, as we flow from one course to the next. These dishes are designed with pleasure in mind and can not be altered to suit dietaries or dislikes. We serve these dishes as an extension of who we are and focus on sustainable cooking with minimal waste and maximum flavour. Never had an oyster? Try ours, they are hyper seasonal, harvested under sail and paired with the flavours that are here right now next to the oyster beds.

Lunch Friday and Saturday 13:00
Dinner Wednesday to Saturday 19:00