Lunch Menu

Lunch Friday and Saturday 13:00

Our discovery menu lunch is a story told over five courses.  It is a story of who we are, where we came from and where we are going. We make food inspired by our experiences: this could be a trip to a farm, a sail in the bay or a surf on the Lizard.

All dishes are flavour driven with attention to detail, as we flow from one course to the next. These dishes are designed with pleasure in mind and can not be altered to suit dietaries or dislikes. We serve these dishes as an extension of who we are and focus on sustainable cooking with minimal waste and maximum flavour.

Discovery Menu Lunch

£52 per person / £30 Wine pairing

William’s Grains 

William grows ancient varieties of grain unchanged by time or modern farming, grown naturally for flavour and nutrition without the need for additives. We source our grain whole directly from him and mill it freshly while it is still bursting with life. Through this course we want to create a dialogue about the poor state of modern farming and soil health.

Langham, Sparkling Rosé, England - £20.00 Supp. 

Winter Garden 

With winter in full swing our farmers fields have emptied and we need to venture into our gardens for seasonal flavours.

Macherndal, Grüner Veltliner, Austria 

Carrick Roads

Meandering around the Trefusis peninsula you are greeted with views out to sea and looking north up Carrick Roads you will observe the fishing boats heading out on a voyage to harvest the oceans bounty.

Chaffey Bros, Duft Punkt, Australia 


We are fortunate to work with some amazing farmers who care for their livestock and allow them to mature naturally, outdoors and grazing in the fields and hedgerows.

De Toren, Delicate, South Africa 


The short days followed by long winter nights produce refreshing Cornish citrus, right when we need some distraction from the cold, as warmer weather is on the horizon. 

Keus Karven

Selection of Cornish & British Cheeses
£14.00 Supplement

Please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

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