At Culture we really wanted to let the ingredients guide the menu and by doing this our restaurant naturally became more sustainable. Our food miles are extremely low with the furthest farm only 1 1/2 hours away. Our farmers bring in what they have and we work with this to really showcase our area of Falmouth and Cornwall.

Vegetables are delivered caked in soil without plastic packaging, with leaves and roots attached and we try utilise the whole ingredient on our dishes. During the farming hunger gap we look to the coastal cliffs and hedgerows for ingredients and inspiration, foraging daily and using nature larder at its best.

Our menus are set menus only, this way we can control our purchases and reduce our food waste. We buy in whole or half carcasses and prepare the whole animal for the menu.

We buy direct from individual farmers who mostly try to focus on regenerative farming practices with minimum intervention. Our wheat is grown nearby and the farmer focuses on heritage grains with complimentary crops growing together to promote soil health. 

Our plates were all made less than a block from the restaurant by Sam Marks Ceramics, he delivered them by foot.

We use local charcoal produced by a forest management team and our kitchen runs solely on electric and induction to reduce usage and increase efficiency. 

We are extremely proud for being recognised for our efforts and awarded Falmouth’s first MICHELIN Green Star in 2023.