Wine cellar

We love wine, we love food and wine even more.

Our wine cellar is a representation of years of wine appreciation and great experiences.

Petronella grew up in a wine loving household and started tasting and learning about wine from a young age. The family cellar in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa, is always an adventure as you select a chosen bottle for a meal with some beauties left aging. She is always amazed on how the Terroir, climate and time of picking the grapes affects the differences between the nose and palate. 

Spending weekends on wine farms and playing in the farm wine making cellars instilled a passion for wine and food. After leaving school, Hylton went to study viticulture at Stellenbosch University. It was here that he met some future stars of the SA wine scene and a strong bond was formed before he switched to focus on being in restaurant kitchens. These guys rock and we are so proud to have their wines in our glass Cellar.

Bobby guides the guests through our wine experience, studying each wine to give valuable insights on what is in the bottle and reason behind selection. The wine pairing is fun and adventurous taking you on a unique wine experience alongside the Journey menu.

Our wine list does not follow any standard rules as we want to showcase wines which we feel are delicious, unique and ethical. New world or old world, Northern or Southern hemisphere, our list spans the globe as we continually search for additions to our cellar. We are passionate about smaller producers with sustainable, forward thinking practices.

The cellar holds some true gems as well as our private collection. Not all wines are on the wine list, some are gathering dust in the cellar waiting for the perfect pairing or special occasion. A time to release the cork and allow the flavours to develop as the bottle breathes in and develops as it is poured into the glass to be swirled and savoured.